In Like A Pig

At Bruner Powell, our competitive spirit may start in the courtroom, but it extends all the way to the barbecue pit. That’s right, we may look like your average, every-day lawyer, but underneath our suits are the aprons covered in “Q” sauce.

For the past several years, our team of legal (and culinary) professionals has worked diligently to create one of the most spirited, challenging, and memorable barbecue sauces known to man and…pig. Our “In-Like-A-Pig*” vinegar-based sauce has been served up in some of the finest barbecue competitions around the state. And just as we enjoy the taste of victory in the courtroom, discerning porkophiles around South Carolina have given our sauce a resounding, lip-smacking seal of approval.

If you would like to sample the Bruner Powell winning recipe, come on down.

*Bruner Powell’s special sauce was named after a well-known quote from Ambrose Bierce: “Lawsuit: A machine which you go into as a pig and come out as a sausage.”